Webinars and Training

Massons Healthcare conducts training programs for O&P (Orthotists and Prosthetists) clinicians frequently.
For more information about available programs, contact Massons Healthcare directly (via email at info@massonshealthcare.com.au or via telephone on +61 3 9898 0011)

Our first webinar in 2018 for clinicians, in partnership with WillowWood, was held on March 20, 2018, 8:30am-9:30am (AEST, Melbourne time).
This 1 hour webinar was presented by Bill Marmaris, Clinical Support Practitioner from WillowWood.
Bill discussed WillowWood's prosthetic Alpha liner product range.
Participants learnt the characteristics and applications of the various types of liner interface materials and profiles, recommended cast and modification criteria, the concept of “retrofitting”, volume management, and post-delivery assessments.

Click here for information relating to WillowWood's Alpha liner range