The leader in CAD CAM technology

MASSONS HEALTHCARE has 15 omega/Tracer Licences and 5 Omega Carvers and 1 Robotic Carver Installed in Australia and New Zealand.

Massons Healthcare’s Omega Training centre is an open clinic to amputees and orthotic patients. This training clinic enables Massons Healthcare staff keep up to date with the latest in using CAD CAM technology in the treatment of prosthetic and orthotic pateints and allow more clinical time be spent with the patient at a fitting stage instead of wasting time modifying plaster casts.

Massons Healthcare’s future in the orthotics and prosthetics industry will be determined by how efficiently we can become in providing successful patient outcomes. Efficiency is defined in many ways:

Increasing the amount of time you spend with patients instead of on paperwork or fabrication
Automatically document every step of your patient activities from shape capture through shape modification to ordering fabrication
Optimizing your fabrication processes either in-house or by using central fabrication
Minimizing your overhead costs with effective technology solutions
Reducing re-work to achieve successful patient results in fewer patient visits
Creating standardized patient care processes in your business to reduce liability risks
A successfully integrated CAD/CAM solution can help an O&P business to improve operations in all of these areas. That is why it was critical that CAD/CAM become an integral part of our business.

Ohio WillowWood is the leader in the design and creation of lower limb prosthetic components. They have celebrated a century of helping others and remain dedicated to providing the best prosthetic solutions.