Your foot is a mass of 26 small bones, a lot of large tendons coming from major muscles and a lot of tiny yellow and white ligaments and small muscles. Add to that a bunch of circulation arteries and veins, lymph
nodes and nerves; and you have a very small area, with a lot going on. Add to that a lot of weight and hard surfaces and you have a problem looking for a place to happen.

We specialise in footwear for people that have problems such as:
•  Arthritis
•  Diabetes
•  Bunions
•  Hammer toes
•  Split sizes
•  Post polio
•  Congenital defects
And other problems that can cause deformaties.

From our extra width/extra depth footwear to our custom made shoes there is a solution for your problems.
We are also a Veterans Affairs Footwear Provider.