Fracture Management

CONTROLLED ANKLE Movement (CAM) Walkers or Moon Boots as they are commonly referred to; are
designed to immobilize the foot and ankle following a lower limb fracture, ligament strain or other
lower limb injuries. Considered as the “modern day” plaster cast, CAM Walkers allow for most
patients to ambulate without the need for assistive devices such as crutches or walking sticks.
CAM Walkers are designed to take partial weight off the foot/ankle through its uprights, whilst the
rocker sole feature of these boots allow for patients to ambulate sooner and more comfortably
without hindering the bodies healing process.

Dependent on the severity of the injury, some patients may not be permitted to fully weight bear on their effected side immediately and may require the use of assistive devices. Your management plan should always be discussed with your managing orthotist/GP prior to initiating the use of a CAM Walker.

• More comfortable, hygienic and durable than plaster/synthetic casts.
• Easy to don and doff as they are designed with Velcro fastenings.
• Easy to adjust for optimal comfort and fit (accommodate for swelling and volume changes).
• Designed to allow early weight bearing.
• Allows patients to return to work and activities of daily living earlier.
• Removable for showering/washing and sleeping.

• You should not be driving with a CAM Walker.
• Ensure the use of appropriate footwear for contralateral foot.
• Discuss appropriate steps with your clinician to prevent the unlikely incident of a blood clot (Deep Vein Thrombosis)
• CALL us if you have a question or concern. BOOK yourself in for a review if needed.

Orthotics Australia fits and supplies a large range of upper and lower limb fracture management devices. We take pride in fitting our patients with the best conservative fracture management systems available to them, which in return saves them and their family members the inconvenience of waiting for hours at a hospital emergency department. Our clinicians are trained in fitting various off-the-shelve fracture braces as well as fiberglass synthetic casting and custom made removable low temperature thermoplastic splints for both upper and lower limb fracture management.

Please do not hesitate to give us at Orthotics Australia a call if you require further assistance with your fracture management needs.