Compression Socks and Stockings


Here at Orthotics Australia, we fit a wide range of medical grade compression hosiery for both women and men. Medical grade compression hosiery is often prescribed for a variety of venous or lymphatic conditions which include:

•  Management of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).
•  Chronic pain and swelling of feet and legs.
•  Management of Edema.
•  Management of Varicose Veins.
•  Wound management.
•  Ulcer management.
•  Mild – Severe venous insufficiency issues.
•  Maternity hosiery.
•  Flight socks for the prevention of DVT.

At Orthotics Australia our clinicians are trained in fitting various class I, II and III off-the-shelve and custom made compression hosiery to suite your different needs. With access to various internationally recognised compression brands like Therafirm, Venosan and Jobst, we are sure to be able to find a pair of compression hosiery for you.

Please do not hesitate to give us at Orthotics Australia a call if you require further assistance with your compression hosiery needs.