Custom Made Face Masks


Orthotics Australia/Massons Healthcare utilises the latest laser scanner technology when capturing the face and head for our custom face mask for both protective face masks following injury or surgery or for burns treatment.


The omega scanner is used to capture the face and then the face is modified via our omega cad cam system and a mold of the face and head is carved via our CNC mill for the mask to be vacuum formed .

Utilising cad cam technology allows us to have a rapid turn around time from shape capture to fitting of the mask. It also gives us a permanent record of the shape capture without bulky cast storage, so if a replacement mask is required when can easily replicate it.

Once the mask is fitted if the patient is not interstate the mask is reviewed and can be spot heated to further increase the comfort when wearing. If the patient is interstate then the mask can be posted back to us with the area marked and we can adjust it and send it back.