Knit-Rite medical sock range
Therafirm medical sock range
Massons Healthcare is the Australian distributor for the Knit-Rite Company in the USA. Knit-Rite have been the market leaders in Prosthetic and orthotic socks and interfaces for over 80 years, and have innovated and manufactured medical textile solutions that promote mobility, protection, and comfort! From prosthetic socks and orthosis interfaces to diabetic socks and compression hosiery, Knit-Rite and its family of companies can be depended upon for quality and long term value.

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Therafirm originated in the early 1950’s when Parke-Davis, a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, developed and introduced one of the very first gradient compression stockings.

In 1990, Therafirm was purchased by a long time employee of Parke-Davis, Charles Schoolcraft. Mr. Schoolcraft relocated Therafirm to its current home in Ellerbe, North Carolina in August of 1996. Centrally located in one of the country’s largest textile manufacturing districts, this location allows Therafirm to employ the most qualified and experienced staff possible.

Therafirm medical sock range
Therafirm Travel Socks
In February of 2000, Knit-Rite, Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Orthotic and Prosthetic textile interfaces, established a foot care products division when they acquired the TheraSock Diabetic Sock Line from TheraFoot Technologies.

Later that year, Knit-Rite also acquired Therafirm to complement the recently established foot care division. The combination of TheraFoot Technologies and Therafirm under the Knit-Rite umbrella established Therafirm, A Knit-Rite Company, as a leading provider of diabetic socks and compression hosiery to the HME/DME industry.

medical sock SmartKnit range
SmartKnit seamless socks
In the last year Knit-Rite have Brought you the best combination of fiber, weave and construction learned from developing diabetic socks to the broader population. SmartKnitACTIVE’s medical heritage delivers comfort and protection to aggressively active feet all day, every day. The seamless design gives a soft stretch in every direction, while moisture managing antibacterial fibers keep feet dry and comfortable. SmartKnitACTIVE socks fit like a second skin with absolutely no wrinkling or bunching!

Massons Healthcare also can provide footwear and clinical services for footwear, both extra depth/width orthopeadic footwear and temporary footwear following surgery or injury. The Apex range of shoes provides a large choice.

So for everyday use or for clinical conditions, Massons Healthcare has a large range of socks and footwear to suit your needs.