Lethal to Germs Yet Gentle to Skin
HandClens softens like a lotion, while killing 99.99% of disease-causing germs in 15 seconds! Proven effective in clinical studies to reduce illness absenteeism 31-42% in Schools.

The Alcohol-Free Differences:
Non-Flammable – Safe for use in any environment.
Non-Stinging – Won’t burn small cuts and abrasions.
– May be used as topical antiseptic.
Persistent Activity – Germ killing power doesn’t evaporate.
Economical – Ounce for ounce provides 3 times more applications than the same size alcohol gel sanitisers.

Who benefits the most from using HandClens?
Everyone does. Whether you are a parent, business person or a health care provider, you can take control of your health and reduce your risk of catching a communicable illness with good hand hygiene. Life is full of germs – now you can protect your health everywhere you go. Traveling in your car you pull into the drive through for a quick bite. Aaah-chooo –bless you – a little sneeze before you reached into your pocket to get your money. After paying for your meal, you unwrap your food and begin to eat. Is there any question why Mom always nagged to wash your hands before you eat? The answer is obvious, but what’s a person to do in our fast-paced society?

Two Hands Up…Look Who’s Using HandClens
“We believe the attendance at Grace Christian School has improved, especially during the cold and flu season, because we use HandClens and because the students and staff are more aware of
the importance of keeping their hands clean. Thank you for developing a fine, healthful
and practical product that works great at school.” F.C., Principal.
“I never realized how hard it could be to get to a sink before I had my son. I never go anywhere
without HandClens now. Thank you for a product that is so gentle to my skin.” R.I., New Mom.
“I can’t believe my waiter offered me HandClens before serving my meal
– this is really great.” T.K., Restaurant Patron.