Custom Plastic Foot Orthotics

A solved challenge
The challenge of being able to mechanize bilaterally rigid and semi-rigid materials, generates
advantages over the normal procedure of manual thermoforming and subsequently sanding and
finishing of the orthotic. Resulting in less volume and thickness, for the perfect fit to the footwear.

Perfectly adapted to the foot
Industrial mechanization of milling rigid material provides the possibility of obtaining a plantar
orthosis of different thicknesses along its shell, both longitudinally and transversely. To have
an orthotic with different degrees of stiffness.

Developed to fit in the shoe
The variability in both the thickness and the resistance of deformation, give us less volume and
thickness of the insoles for perfect fit of to the footwear, thus minimizing the big divergence
between adaptation of the orthotic and the available space in the shoe.