Prefabricated Carbon Foot Orthotics

Thin – effective – versatile – dynamic - and pain relieving, the SOLEUTION series meets these high
demands. The SOLEUTION range was created as a result of decades of clinical experience, development and knowledge as a producer of innovative materials. SOLEUTION fits into any shoe, quickly and efficiently relieving the most common complaints caused by excessive strain on the feet. The SOLEUTION indicative foot orthotic series combines decades of experience in practice and everyday life with Perpedes‘ know-how
as a producer of innovative materials.

Thanks to the use of unique fibre composite materials, SOLEUTION foot orthotic blanks are sturdy and durable notwithstanding their low structural height. They are effective for complaints of the feet and lower leg axis. Variability due to two different support heights for the feet‘s longitudinal arches as well as its thermal modifiabilty makes SOLEUTION a success for any therapy concept.

They can be combined with CAD CAM designed top covers which makes it a truly unique custom made foot orthotic or with our standard range of foot orthotic top covers.

The Precision COMFORT provides a lightweight, dynamic, slim fitting insole, accommodative heel function, a strong Carbon/Fibreglass base for longevity and thermoplastic adjustable arch performance.
•   Comfort
•   Support
•   Stability
•   Low to Moderate pain
•   Static overload
•   Tiredness

Approximately 68% of the population have problems in life due to pronating or valgus feet. The ‘Soleution
SUPPORT’ targets this using a medial support module, resulting in a high correction potential. Additionally the heel has been specifically designed to create a fluent transition to the corrected medial arch, resulting in high wearing comfort providing effective rear-foot support.
•   Mild pronation (Valgus) feet
•   Flat feet
•   Anterior / Posterior Tibialis syndrome
•   Tarsal Tunnel syndrome

‘SOLEUTION CALCANEUS’ has been specically designed for heavy loading, high impact sports and heel related problems. With increased and stable medial arch performance The SOLEUION CALCANEUS off loads from the plantar tendon to the big toe insertion, thus facilitating pain relief and improved recovery for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. The materials used achieve the highest level of shock absorption and load reduction on the heel.
•   Heel spur
•   Plantar fasciitis
•   Inflamtion of the Flexor Hallucis Longus

As a result of high arch feet (Supination) the combined kinetic energy of body weight and the
walking surface passes through the knee joint with every step. Rotational movement occurs in the lower leg
which can result in overloading in the knee and hip. For this reason the ‘SOLEUTION PRO’ insole has a
built in pronation support on the lateral edge. Taking into account individual’s biomechanics this creates an effective solution for correction and pain relief in the knee, hip and lower back.
•   High arch feet
•   Moderate supination (Varus feet)

A number of degenerative changes can result in forefoot pain, especially in women, as high heeled shoes
can be the trigger. Splayed toes, metatarsalgia and Morton’s neuroma are results of more complex changes in the musculoskeletal system for both men and women. The ‘SOLEUTION METATARSAL’ is designed to maintain contact on the medial and lateral edges and by using a metatarsal pad, alleviates the discomfort over the middle of the forefoot.
•   Metatarsalgia
•   Morton’s Neuroma
•   Discomfort associated with toe splay
•   Hammer / Claw toes

Hallux deformities can be associated with genetic predisposition, or with narrow fitting footwear being main cause. This is caused not only by deviation of the longitudinal axis but rotational movement of the big toe joint. Due to the strong flexion movements during the toe off motion calcification can occur causing painful changes felt during each step. The ‘SOLEUTION HALLUX’ has a built in hallux joint spring that reduces shear stress and relieves pain and can even prevent the need for surgery. It can also improve post hallux operations, offering improved stability. Furthermore, due to the short spring length there is no
restriction on shoe selection.
•   Hallux Valgus with early Rigidis