Diabetic High Risk Feet

Management of diabetic high risk feet often require foot orthotics that have been carefully designed to assists with the reduction of vertical foot pressures, shock and shear forces and horizontal movements on the plantar surface of the foot. This is because excessive shock, shear forces and/or pressure areas on the plantar foot surface of a diabetic foot can cause ulcers, calluses and unwanted skin problems that may lead to more severe issues like infections and potential amputations.

Custom made foot orthotics are also required for patients who have sustained foot amputations or who have foot deformities as result of conditions like Charcot foot, fat tissue and toe problems/amputations. These foot orthotics are often aimed at reducing the progression of deformities by providing increased control and support, prevent further destruction and relieve pain.

Here at Massons healthcare, we are proud to have access to the most up to date CAD CAM system in foot orthotic design (Voxelcare) as well as have access to various diabetic friendly materials. With these tools at hand, we are able to make foot orthotics that help us support and control the foot as well as accurately offload high-pressure points in order to ensure we can prevent any of the problems that have been mentioned above from occurring.