Sports Orthotics

Here at Massons healthcare, we have a long standing history of making high end custom made foot orthotics for our clients who participate in a variety of sports. Whether you are a high level AFL footballer or a weekend cyclist, we are sure to be able to design a foot orthoses to match your sporting needs.

Our orthotics are designed to work with shoes where total control is the goal. Using materials that are denser (e.g. high density EVA or carbon fibre); this allows the orthoses to transfer your power output more effectively and efficiently rather than absorb it.

All our sports orthotics are also designed using a variety of base and top cover materials to suite your orthotic needs. These include the option of using tri, dual or mono density EVAs, polypropylene or carbon fiber for the base which is then matched with an appropriate shock absorbing top cover to suit your orthotic and sporting needs and level.

We can design, fit and tune your sports orthotics into a variety of sports shoes. These include:

•  Football/Soccer boots.
•  Ski Boots.
•  Cycling Shoes
•  Golf/Bowling shoes.
•  Runners from different brands.

Here are Massons healthcare, we also stock a large range of high end carbon fiber sports orthotics from the 'SOLEUTION Range'.

Thin, effective, dynamic and pain relieving, the ‘SOLEUTION Range’ was created as a result of decades of clinical experience, development and the manufacturer’s knowledge as a producer of innovative materials.

To meet the high expectations in the current insole market, the ‘SOLEUTION Range’ redefines and minimises common overloading problems, not only in terms of a static corrective alignment, but also taking account of dynamic processes. The ‘SOLEUTION Range’ meets these expectations through the use of innovative material combinations, providing revolutionary orthotic solutions.

•  Size range 4-11
•  Hard wearing carbon-look bottom lining
•  Various top covers available
•  Unique insole range with fibreglass and carbon elements.