Dress Orthotics

HERE AT MASSONS HEALTHCARE, we are able to design foot orthotics that you can wear every day in your dress shoes or in shoes where there is no space to put a full length insole in. When standing on your feet all day, whether it be in a narrow dress shoe or your working boots, our custom orthotics are designed to provide you with sufficient support and help relieve that common feeling of restlessness.

Here are Massons healthcare, we also stock a large range of over the counter dress orthotics from our ‘SOLEUTION Range’.

The Daily High Heel insole from our ‘SOLEUTION Range’ is just one of the many over the counter dress orthotics that we have in stock. It has a modifiable foot orthotic base with a self-supporting carbon fibre composite shell. The Daily High Heel has a unique flexible shell for optimal adaptation to various heel heights and is suitable for shoes with higher heels and limited depth.