Casting Materials

MASSONS HEALTHCARE has a range of casting materials available for casting for both orthotic and prosthetic applications.

eCAST/sCast material is composed of polyester. The unique weaving makes it very flexible and simple to model without folds, making it a versatile material with a variety of uses.

eCAST: is a synthetic bandage which works just as easily as plaster cast.
•  Simple and quick application
•  Cleaner than plaster of paris
•  Versatile
•  Cured eCast retains its shape
•  Thermo-formable
•  Ideal for digitising your models as its easy to scan

sCAST: has fibreglass fibres impregnated with polyurethane. Easy to use, rolls off easily and cures quickly
•  Simple and quick application
•  Cured sCAST is strong and light
•  Suitable in combination with eCAST for manufacturing of intermediate shaft/socket

FOAM Impression Boxes
Our German Made high quality foam impression boxes come in two different thicknesses 35mm and 50mm.
These boxes are ideal to take an accurate impression of ones foot with weight bearing or partial weight bearing.

RUHRSTERN Elastic Plaster Bandages
Unfortunately this product is currently unavailable due to the unfortunate circumstances of the manufacturing plant being destroyed in bomb blast. We will keep you updated on this as we get more information to hand.