Design Liners

For amputees with less than optimally-shaped residual limbs Alpha DESIGN® Liners provide unparalleled comfort. Alpha DESIGN Liners offer custom comfort and intimate fit. Practitioners have complete control when creating the liners with OMEGA® Tracer®. Gel placement, pattern and thickness as well as fabric type and color may be tailored to patient limb shapes. Gel may be up to 25 mm thick, especially useful on invaginated limbs or bony limbs. Gel on the proximal edge may be as thin as 3 mm. Behind the knee, gel may be as thin as 3 mm for greater comfort and range of knee motion. Available for upper and lower extremity applications, Alpha DESIGN Liners are a great alternative when off-the-shelf liners are not the optimum fit.

Alpha DESIGN Liners may be created using OMEGA® Tracer® or by submitting a cast of the limb with a completed order form. Click here to access DESIGN Liner order forms, complete online, print, and submit with the cast.

Custom Alpha DESIGN BK and AK Liners are created by practitioners to provide amputees maximum comfort. Amputees with uniquely-shaped residual limbs or residual limbs that are bony, short or invaginated are perfect candidates for Alpha DESIGN BK Liners. When creating an Alpha DESIGN Liner from OMEGA® Tracer®, prosthetists can adjust the gel thickness from 3 mm, such as behind the knee, to 3 mm thickness at the proximal point of the liner, to 25 mm over invaginations on the residual limb. Gel pads up to 12 mm thickness can also be applied where needed throughout the liner.

The custom fit offered in an Alpha DESIGN BK Liner finally allows amputees with less-optimally shaped residual limbs comfort while wearing their prostheses. A new socket should be fabricated, according to instructions, for the best performance of an Alpha DESIGN BK Liner. DESIGN Liners created from casts with electronic order forms will be slightly less detailed. Click here for an order form.

Product Highlights:
-Made of thermoplastic elastomer gel
-Gel thickness from 3 mm to 25 mm
-Provides maximum comfort to amputees with unique limb shapes