WillowWood One Transfemoral System

A Vacuum Solution for Transfemoral Amputees

The WillowWood One Transfemoral System® provides a secure, comfortable, and straightforward vacuum solution for transfemoral amputees with no hoses, sleeves, or extra bulk required.
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The system is easy to don and doff (put on and take off), providing unparalleled comfort and security. During clinical testing by WillowWood in the USA, amputees repeatedly commented that they could put the system on at the start of their day and no longer needed to adjust their sockets repeatedly throughout their day. The second overwhelmingly reported feedback was that the airtight seal of the system did not break. Amputees could comfortably move (transition from sitting to standing, walk, run, ride a bicycle or motorcycle) with maintained vacuum, and did not experience any movement of the socket.

The WillowWood One Transfemoral System includes a fabricless Alpha Liner (choice of a SmartTemp® or Duo model) , a gel sock, a seal, and an optional elevated vacuum LimbLogic® system, along with the definitive socket and removable brim.
Diagnostic sockets for this system are created and fitted by prosthetic clinicians. Once the diagnostic socket is fit, the final, modified diagnostic socket is sent to WillowWood (in the USA) for fabrication of the removable brim and definitive socket. In Australia and New Zealand, the definitive socket has a 12-18 day lead time after receiving the final diagnostic socket at Massons Healthcare. This is a no-hassle process as shipping and socket fabrication are part of the WillowWood One Transfemoral System package. By teaming up Massons Healthcare with WillowWood’s Custom Solutions team in the USA, clinicians and their patients can be certain of receiving an air-tight definitive socket.

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Liner components:
Liner (Alpha SmartTemp fabricless or Alpha Duo fabricless), One sock (brown colour), and One seal (white colour).

Socket components:
Flexible inner (silicone recommended) acting as a removable brim, hard outer (carbon recommended) with incorporated LimbLogic Vacuum Pump (elevated vacuum) unit, Alignment Buttons, and Expulsion Valve.

Two options for use with the WillowWood One Transfemoral System:
1) Alpha SmartTemp Liner (fabricless version) AND 2) The Alpha Duo Liner (fabricless).

Alpha Duo Liner features:
Combination of TPE Alpha Classic® Gel (interior layer) with Alpha Silicone® (exterior layer)
The interior Alpha Classic® Gel with mineral oil is skin-friendly
Alpha Silicone® exterior provides stability and helps contain soft tissue
Symmetrical profile allows for liner rotation and extends the life of the liner
Suitable for suction suspension and elevated vacuum

Alpha SmartTemp® liner features:
Silicone liner without fabric
Uses Outlast® thermal management technology
Regulates residual limb temperature
Protects the residual limb
Easy donning; no lubricants required
One Gel Sock willowwood-one-gel-sock

LimbLogic (optional) elevated vacuum features:
Maintains vacuum at desired level
Can switch between higher and lower vacuum level depending on whether user is moving or resting
Choose Side Mount or Distal Mount on the socket
Control LimbLogic from your iPhone or iPad

Definitive Socket features:
Protects seal inside the socket
Provides alignment to the system
Provides weight transfer to the prosthesis
Provides an anchor point for the LimbLogic unit (optional- not required for passive vacuum setups)
Provides a connection to the prosthesis

Clinician Testimonials:

“I have been an amputee for 33 years and have worn several different styles of sockets. I was able to beta trial the WillowWood One socket and have had very favorable results. The technology of the donning sleeve [the One Gel Sock] against the socket allows for uniform vacuum and suspension throughout the socket. I can attest to the fact that this socket has given me a true feeling of connection between my limb and the prosthesis.”

-Jeff Quelet, CPO, LPO, Ability Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc.

“On follow-up status post 6 weeks WillowWood One delivery, patient Bob is doing great – not one complaint! He has been an amputee for ten years and gave up using his prosthesis three years ago due to poor-fitting sockets. He and his family are thrilled about his increased functional level over the past four weeks.”

–Aaron Moles, L/CP, Prosthetix Shop LLC

Patient Testimonials:

“Having just received the new “One” System, I have to say that it is absolutely the best leg I have had in the 18 years of wearing prosthetics. I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks and am extremely impressed by the comfort it provides, as well as the very strong suction system that keeps my residual limb in the socket. The fit, look, and quality are all top notch! I can see already that I will have much, much less of a problem in my work, which requires extreme ambultion all day long. Your system has proven to be just the thing I needed to get on track. Thank you so much!”

-Ralph N., Transfemoral Amputee, New Jersey


To ensure optimal success with this system, clinician certification is required in order to purchase and fit the WillowWood One System.

Please contact Massons Healthcare to discuss certification options