Education for O&P practitioners

MASSONS HEALTHCARE offers education resources for O&P (Orthotic and Prosthetic) practitioners. Some of these resources include online webinars. On average, we host one educational webinar for practitioners per quarter (every 3 months).
There are different webinar formats available. Some are pre-recorded, online, streamed webinars that practitioners can view in their own time. Others are live, online webinars occuring on a set date and time with a host and live educator.
Practitioners are welcome to contact us anytime with questions or queries on any of our products and services.

We will be hosting our next online webinar for O&P clinicians soon. Date and topic to be confirmed.

Our last webinar for O&P practitioners was in April, 2018. This webinar was conducted in collaboration with RevoMedica. An overview of the various options available in the Click Medical RevoFit product family was delivered by Darren Ross (RevoMedica), focusing on prosthetic and orthotic clinical and technical applications. You are welcome to stream/watch this webinar after clicking on the "Webinars and Training" box below, on this page.
Click here to preview the RevoFit system used in a prosthesis
Click here to preview the RevoFit system used in an orthosis
Click here for a webinar example on the Alpha® Duo Liner by WillowWood

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In addition to education related to common prosthetic and orthotic products worn by clients, we also offer
CAD CAM EDUCATION for clinicians and technicians who incorporate this technology in their services.
CAD CAM systems we offer training and support for, include:
-WillowWood OMEGA (suitable for both prosthetic and orthotic applications)
Click here for more info on WillowWood OMEGA systems
-Voxelcare (tailored for foot orthotic design and fabrication)
Click here for more info on Voxelcare systems