Central Fabrication

Massons Healthcare offers Central Fabrication services to help deliver your orthoses or prostheses in a timely manner. Whether you require fabrication services on a full time basis or to get you out of trouble during busy times or when technical staff are away.

From custom made foot orthotics, pre-preg carbon fibre AFO's and KAFO's to Above Knee Test sockets by Measurement as well as foam blank carvings for prosthetic or orthotic manufactures.

Please find in the links below, order forms that you will require when placing an order for one of our central fabrication services:

Custom Foot Orthotics (LINK to Custom EVA Foot Orthotic Page)
Central Fabricated AFO (Polypropelene or Pre-Preg) (LINK)
Central Fabricated DAFO (LINK)
Central Fabricated KAFO (LINK)
AK and BK Custom Made Design Liners (LINK)
WillowWood One TF System with LimbLogic® Definitive Socket Order Form (LINK)
WillowWood One TF System – Suction Definitive Socket Order Form (LINK)
WillowWood One TT System Definitive Socket Order Form (LINK)

Note: After determining the alignment, send the diagnostic socket for the WillowWood One TF and TT system to Massons Healthcare for fabrication of the removable brim and definitive socket. Save the writable order form PDF (above) for the selected suspension method (LimbLogic or suction) to your computer, complete the form, and print. Include the completed order form with the diagnostic socket. Please be sure to complete all information on the form.

For further information and pricing inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at Massons Healthcare.