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Ohio WillowWood LimbLogic

ohio willow wood limblogicOhio WillowWood LimbLogic is the latest in Vacuum Suspension technology. This is the first remote-controlled vacuum suspension system on the market.  The 4-Hole Controller is mounted inline on a prosthesis allowing for complete integration without the annoyances of tubes into the socket or the unit catching on clothing.

LimbLogic VS operates quietly and features ‘Set & Forget’ monitoring.  This means that the system monitors the level of vacuum pressure in the socket to maintain a secure and comfortable fit. Practitioners program LimbLogic VS for a set range of vacuum. The amputee may use the fob to adjust the vacuum level within the practitioner-set range.

Each LimbLogic VS kit includes a 4-Hole Controller, fob, battery charger, patient accessories kit, a fabrication kit, and a distal adapter with forming plate. ohio willowwood golferBilateral kits are also available and include two 4-Hole Controllers and one fob. The fob in a bilateral kit is programmed to control both units independently.  Also available is a diagnostic kit which aids in determining the location of a leak in the socket or system.

The key to success with LimbLogic VS is an airtight prosthesis.  Use a reflected Alpha MAX Liner, an airtight laminated or polypro socket, and the Alpha Flex Sleeve for a gel-on-gel seal to attain an airtight prosthesis. Please click on the link below to view all the latest information on this unique product.


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