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Ohio WillowWood Feet

willowwood feet sachOhio Willow Wood provide one of the widest range of prosthetic feet to suit all patients needs. From K1 amputees to K4 Activity level amputees there is a foot to suit you.

From the world acclaimed Pathfinder foot to the simple Sach foot all of  Ohio Willow Woods feet have been designed to give the patient a true felling of normal gate when on a prosthetic foot.

Ohio Willow Woods R&D staff studied the way children walk at various stages of development. To provide the necessary level of function for these two phases of the child’s development, Ohio Willow Wood is introducing two feet in the P-POD™ line.

The P-POD™ SACH foot provides the structure necessary for children in the first stage of gait development.

The High-tech Pediatric Solution

Ohio Willow Wood’s Research and Development staff studied the way children walk at various stages of development. When children first begin walking, initial foot-to-floor contact tends to occur in the midfoot to forefoot area. The heel may not even contact the ground at all. In the absence of a progression from heel to toe, there is very little need for any type of advanced foot function. However, as children develop a more mature gait that follows the normal progression of heel strike through toe off, there is a need to provide them with a foot that offers some toe response.


Ohio Willow Wood have three feet in their range which are weight rated up to 160kg, The Pathfinder, the Magnum and the Impulse feet are all weight rated up to 160Kg.


Ohio Willow Wood provides numerous energy return options at different price levels to suit individual patient needs. They have three feet in the range with a 36 month warranty. The Pathfinder, Trail Blazer and Trail Blazer MA (Multi Axial) are in this range.

Click to view Ohio WillowWood DuraLight Energy Returning Foot!


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