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Optec Orthotics

Optec Pediatric Hip Abduction orthosisOptec has developed the Pediatric Hip Abduction orthosis:

The Mini-TLC provides your younger patients with the comfort, functionality, and control you are looking for in pediatric hip management. The colorful, breathable liner pads absorb perspiration and reduce heat buildup. OPTEC’s THC Universal Hip Abduction joint has infinite abduction-adduction & flexion-extension adjustability. The Mini-TLC is offered both bilateral and unilateral, custom or prefabricated in six (6) unisex sizes.

  • Available: Prefabricated modular stock sizes
  • Material: MPE
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Universal Pelvic Band: Adjustable for hip development & pelvic circumference with quick release buckle closure
  • Universal Thigh Cuff: Bivalve design adjustable to thigh proximal and distal measurements
  • Liner: Breathable, washable liner absorbs perspiration and reduces heat buildup
  • Universal Hip Joint: TLC hip joint with infinite abduction/ adduction & flexion/ extension settings
  • Options & Accessories: Joint cover, spacer kit (to outset joint 1/4” – includes all hardware)

As well, Optec has developed orthopedic braces for neck, back, knee, ankle & hip.

With back pain being more common and emerging to be the second leading cause of all doctor visits in United States, it has become prevalent in just about all facets of lifestyle. Whether back pain is caused by surgery or muscle strain due to a sports related event, Optec has the solution to your back pain.

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