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Xerosox Waterproof Protector

xerosox waterproof protectorXerosox For Legs & Arms:

  • Jump in the pool.
  • Play in the waves at the beach.
  • Shower or bathe repeatedly.

XeroSox was developed by an orthopedic surgeon, and is the only waterproof cast, bandage, or prosthestic protector that allows you to be totally submerged under water! That’s right…UNDER WATER…you can even go snorkeling with your cast on and feel totally protected! XeroSox is made of a thick, surgical latex material that’s durable and has a non-skid sole.

Vacuum sealed and air tight, you can enjoy swimming, diving, bathing, showering, even wash your car! Couldn’t participate in all those other fun activities because you tried the less expensive plastic covers that are cumbersome, too much of a hassle to put on, or don’t provide a tight seal? Well, now patients enjoy healing with hydrotherapy, amputees are allowed to boat, swim and be water bound, and even diabetics enjoy the pleasures of being in the water again, while staying absolutely dry!

What’s more, even bathing or showering gives you a firm grip handling soap or shampoo bottles, and the non-skid sole on the XeroSox allows you walk around the shower or climb the pool ladder without any thought of slipping! Walk on your deck in total confidence that you’re safe from falling on wet, slippery surfaces, and totally protected from the splash of water!


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