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Aulie Devices Inc - The 802 Nylon Knee  The 802 Nylon Knee:

The harsh enviroment knee, designed for every day use in dust and dirt, water and mud. Or at the office!

The 802 Nylon Knee has been ISO 10328 passed at the 100 kg. level, and is designed for low maintenance and durability. The Knee is machined from extruded Nylon 6/6, an extremely tough thermoplastic. Shafts are large diameter stainless steel. Bearing surfaces are precision-machined into the nylon structure, and function well in harsh enviroments, such as salt water, mud, and sand.

Hydraulic Control:
The patented hydraulic control is adjustable, lightweight, and simple. The adjustment clamp controls fluid flow by deforming the walls of the cylinder. A stainless steel spring provides extension assist.

The Nylon Knee features a standard proximal pyramid, and a 30mm tube receiver distally.

At 1.6 lb. (750 gm), the Nylon Knee is the lightest hydraulic knee available.

Proximal (top of pyramid) to knee center at full extension: 2.0 in (52 mm)
Overall length: 10.0 in (254 mm)
Width: 2.6 in (67 mm)

The Knee is suitable for all amputees who do not require stance control. Weight limit: 100 kg/220 lb. The 802 is ISO tested (100 kg.) and CE marked.

Extension lock:
A simple, manual (push in) lock pin is supplied with all knees. This lock is designed for work and recreational use.


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