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Antimicrobial Solutions

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Woodward's HandClens


Lethal to Germs Yet Gentle to Skin

HandClens softens like a lotion, while killing 99.99% of disease-causing germs in 15 seconds! Proven effective in clinical studies to reduce illness absenteeism 31-42%.
The Alcohol-Free Differences:
Non-Flammable – Safe for use in any environment.
Non-Stinging – Won’t burn small cuts and abrasions.
May be used as topical antiseptic.
Persistent Activity – Germ killing power doesn’t evaporate.
Economical – Ounce for ounce provides 3 times more applications than the same size alcohol gel sanitizers.

Mycocide Nail Solution NS

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Convenience with Prescription Performance at a Fraction of the Cost

Woodwards Nail Solution NS

Mycocide Nail Solution NS

• Now with more fungus killing power
• No need to remove polish or acrylics
• More than 50% of nail problems are caused by the same fungus that causes athlete’s foot
• Patented delivery system penetrates to kill the germs that can cause fungal infections
• With Allantoin to help sooth and renew cells
• Published independent clinical studies support effectiveness
• No perfumes, oils or dyes
• No harsh acids or alcohols
• No prescription needed – no worries about harmful interaction with oral medications
• Cost effective – twice daily application will cover 4-5 toes or fingers for
4-5 months

Many studies indicate that over half of all nail problems are caused by the same fungus that can cause athlete’s foot.

As the only OTC topical solution to have study results published in a peer-reviewed medical journal, Mycocide NS is a proven, first line alternative to risky oral medications. Because of the patented delivery system, it is not necessary to remove nail polish or artificial nail enhancements.

Mycocide NS has over a decade of safety and proven effectiveness.
No other over-the-counter topical therapy has this patented formulation, or these scientifically published, clinically documented results.
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O & P Basics Antimicrobial Instant Sanitizer

Woodward's O & P Basics

O & P Basics Instant Sanitizer

Germ Fighting Designed for the Amputees!

The O&P Basics Antimicrobial Sanitizer kills 99.99% of odor and disease causing germs.
In addition, it provides effective odor control that persists when wearing and using
devices such as gel liners,sockets, and orthotic devices.

The O&P Basics Antimicrobial Sanitizer also moisturizes the skin with softeners
and emollients. With regular use, O&P Basics Antimicrobial Sanitizer will provide a
1000 times reduction of surface microbes in a closed environment.
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