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Rehab & Care

Massons Healthcare carries on the tradition of prompt & helpful service to our customer base & their patients, with the assistance of our worldwide manufacturer support.

We constantly visit our customers around Australia throughout the year to introduce new products & liaise with our customers on servicing & meeting their specific requirements.

  • Xerosox – XeroSox is the only waterproof cast, bandage, or prosthestic protector.
  • Knit-Rite – Knit-Rite is the market leader in Prosthetic and orthotic socks.
  • Woodward’s – Woodward’s for antimicrobial products which kill fungi, bacteria, and are non-damaging to the skin and nails.
  • Syncor – For the TES Belt and the Durasleeve BK Suspension.
  • Flipstick – A lightweight cane for walking, a comfortable seat for relaxing, a sturdy perch for viewing.
  • Bort Products – Bort Medical offers the patient a wide range of rehabilitation and care products.

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